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mit Martin Maria Eschenbach, Markus Hammer, Jasper Barwasser, Berivan Kaya, Lena Heiss, Britta Hübel, Fatima Dramé, Donald Ganslmeier, Ariel Dramé KAMERA Tobias Jall, Michael Schreiber, Katharina Miebach, TON Björn Rothe MUSIK & MISCHUNG Frankie Chinasky, SCHNITT Klaus Schäfer, Nathalie Pürzer, TITEL Saba Bussmann „flippingpool“ BUCH Thomas Heinemann unter Mitwirkung von Martin Maria Eschenbach REGIE Thomas Heinemann PRODUZENTEN Özlem Günay, Tobias Oertel, Thomas Heinemann ©superNeun2016


Trailer erste Staffel / trailer first season with english subtitles

„I did it, I did it and I will did it again!“ Sätze wie dieser gehen in den Volksmund ein.
J.Fildhaut/ Kulturgut

Von Fans in den sozialen Netzwerken als Monaco Franke 2.0 gefeiert.
Main Post

Sommerfeld, ein Typ hart an der Grenze zum Freak, ist zwar ein nerviger
Nichtsnutz mit Hyperaktivitätsstörung, gleichzeitig aber urkomisch.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Angelo is a charming loser prone to fail at all his wacky business ideas. Yet he has a talent to stay positive. Considering himself as very cosmopolitan he loves using certain english words even though he cannot pronounce the „th“ correctly.
Angelo lives at his friend Oshi’s place. Oshi, a former rock musician recently decided to give up music as the first stepping stone on his spiritual path to enlightenment.“The world needs more silence“ is his life dominating mantra.

Angelos newest busines venture is a 27 feet long stretch limousine. He is obsessed with the idea of running a successful VIP shuttle service. One evening Silke, a long time ago affair confronts Angelo with his 14 year old son Johnny he did not even know about. Realizing that Johnny is suffering from a rare disease Angelo has to face up to his biggest challenge ever.